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The Meteorology Group Lunch Meeting takes usually place on Thursday, starting 12:05 in the Helland Hansen meeting room on the third floor of the GFI main building.

At the start of each meeting we will have an information exchange of 5-10 minutes to have updates on subjects such as recent and upcoming conferences or past weather events.

For the Spring semester 2016 Yongbiao Weng and Astrid Kristine Fremme are in charge for organizing the seminar speakers. So please send them an email if you would like to present something.

For presentations please keep contributions between 15 and max. 25 minutes to leave enough time for discussion of the material. We will have maximum one long presentation per meeting and can accommodate an additional couple of shorter ones, which can be project presentations or other group related issues.

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Date Who Length Title
07.01.16 Met group 20 minutes Group updates
14.01.16 João Hackerott Similarity analysis of turbulent transport and dissipation for momentum, temperature, moisture, and CO2 during BLLAST
21.01.16 Thomas Spengler My sabbatical at UEA in Norwich, UK
28.01.16 Thomas Spengler My sabbatical at UEA in Norwich, UK
18.02.16 Pascal Graf

(ETH Zürich)

Simultaneous measurements of stable water isotopes in near-surface vapor and precipitation to constrain below-cloud processes: Preliminary results from the PaRaDIso campaign
25.02.16 Lucas Höppler Characterization of Rain with MRR and C-Band Radar Data - Improved Flash Flood Forecasting?
03.03.16 Brian Hare

(University of Florida)

30 min Ground Level observations of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes
10.03.16 Erica Madonna 15-20 min Jet variability in the Northern Hemisphere: some preliminary results
17.03.16 Igor Ezau The concept of eddy viscosity in meteorology and fluid mechanics
24.03.16 Easter Holiday
31.03.16 Annick Terpstra Polar low formation: ambient environments and the role of moisture
07.04.16 Per Eilif Thorvaldsen

(Bergen University College)

Wet snow - the neglected effect of climate change
14.04.16 Yongbiao Weng Experiments on the memory effect of a Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer (Picarro L2140-i)
21.04.16 EGU 2016
28.04.16 Information Exchange
05.05.16 Ascension Day
12.05.16 Svenja Kohnemann

(University of Trier, Germany)

Exreme atmospheric warming in the NE Atlantic in the winter period 2002-2012 – an analysis with the regional atmospheric model COSMO-CLM and the Arctic System Reanalysis
19.05.16 Clemens Spensberger Front interaction with orography
26.05.16 Björn Maronga

(University in Hannover)

Boundary-layer research using high-resolution large-eddy simulations - Current and future research activities at the PALM headquarters
16.06.16 Lars R. Hole Using an autonomous platform for ocean surface wave measurements
23.06.16 Lukas Papritz Importance of latent heating in mesocyclones for the dynamical evolution and decay of cold air outbreaks
30.06.16 Simon Millet Focus on cyclone evolution in the vicinity of the SST gradients of Gulf Stream