IMet UAV sonde package

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The Meteorology group has 2 UAV measurement sondes of type iMet XQ2 (see Intermet Systems website).

XQ2 for publication.jpg

Figure (c) Intermet systems

Measurement capability

Measurement features in the second-generation sensor include

- atmospheric pressure,

- air temperature

- relative humidity,

- GPS coordinates,

This is packaged into a small housing, with rechargeable battery and data logger. The sonde can be run on battery power or powered by micro-USB cable. Battery capacity five hours.

The sensor information is detailed on the corresponding data sheet

Data format and processing

The log from the imet can either be acquired in csv format from the software when connected to a computer via USB cable, or from reading the output with another serial port logging program.

Routines for data processing are available on the GFI git repository, including a simple plotting routine in matlab. The code in its current version is cloned on the cyclone compute system at location /Data/gfi/scratch/metdata/scripts/gfi_instuments/imet.