Kristine Bonnevie shiplog data

From gfi

The ship log data on Kristine Bonnevie contain meteorological and hydrographic information from the boat's sensor packages.

Matlab routines

Read ship's logger data

% Read CSV Ship Logger Data

% Define the Location where Data is stored
% Insert path to Data Locaction e.g.
data_loc = '/Data/gfi/metdata/campaigns/GEOF-232_2019/Ship_log'; 

% Go to that Location

% Search for files ending in .csv
files = dir('GEO*.csv');

% Read the csv in table format

% Get the Variable names
VarNames = x.Properties.VariableNames;

% Get the timestamp
TimeIdx = find(strcmp(VarNames, 'Timestamp'));  
ship_data.Time = table2array(x(:,TimeIdx));

% Define the Variables of interest and find the column number. For example:
vars = [{'Longitude'} {'Latitude'} {'Depth'} {'AirTemp'} {'Humidity'} {'AirPressure'} {'Wind'} {'WindDir'} {'Clouds'} {'WaterTemp'}];
% Have a look at VarNames for more Variables of interest

VarIdx = zeros(length(vars));
for i=1:length(vars)
    VarIdx(i) = find(strcmp(VarNames, vars(i)));

ship_data.LON  = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(1))); % Longitude    [deg E]
ship_data.LAT  = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(2))); % Latitude     [deg N]
ship_data.D    = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(3))); % Depth        [m]
ship_data.TA   = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(4))); % AirTemp      [deg C]
ship_data.RH   = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(5))); % Rel Humidity [%]
ship_data.P    = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(6))); % AirPressure  [hPa]
ship_data.WS   = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(7))); % WindSpeed    [m/s]
ship_data.WD   = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(8))); % WindDir      [deg]
ship_data.CC   = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(9))); % CloudCover   [n/8]
ship_data.TW   = table2array(x(:,VarIdx(10))); % WaterTemp   [deg C]

% Plot some of the meteorological data. For example:
subplot(5,1,1), plot(ship_data.Time,ship_data.TA)
hold all
subplot(5,1,2), plot(ship_data.Time,ship_data.RH)
subplot(5,1,3), plot(ship_data.Time,ship_data.P)
subplot(5,1,4), plot(ship_data.Time,ship_data.WS)
subplot(5,1,5), plot(ship_data.Time,ship_data.WD)