Meetings - notes

From gfi

4th of June 2013 - 15:00 - Brainstorming - at GFI

Brainstorming for future ResClim/our subgroup activities


  1. Burning issues, new people?
    1. Nothing on fire, although we found the 'stor møterom' less violent than the HH room
  2. List of ideas for discussion
    1. We were happy with the initial ideas, more discussion followed about the "modelling" and "climate science - policy" classes
    2. For core ideas for the classes (initial plan), pros and cons, some lecturers see
      1. Short action plan to make it happen, presons to make it happen
        1. Aleksi will start pushing the 'modelling' class forward
        2. Mathew will start pushing the 'climate science - policy' class forward
  3. Wrap it up, present the plan (15-30 min)
  4. Next meeting, organizer
    1. We decided that for now on we will keep the sessions really informal, the organizer will call everyone together and reserve a room. We can discuss things if there is something to go trough, and whether there is something or not we'll go for a beer afterwards
    2. The next meeting will then be in July, probably at NERSC, Tobias will be the organizer

8th of May 2013 - 15:00 - Kick off - Helland Hansen at GFI

Agenda & minutes, decisions marked with A

  1. Why are we here: short introduction to the idea (by Aleksi)

  2. Discussion
    • Should there be two separate groups for PhD's and Post Docs
    • A: Yes, two groups with partly joint meetings
      • Should we just divide immediately, if we think this is the case?
    • Who should be involved? (whole BCCR community?)
    • A: Yes, this should be ResClim subgroup involving all the ResClim students in Bergen
    • What kind of format should we have?
      • Presentations, problem solving events, 'what went wrong' -presentations, brainstorming events?
      • All these are good ideas. Meeting frequency should be something in order of 2-3 in a semester (~once in two months). It was decided that the next meeting will be a brainstorming event
    • Role of the webpage: gather information about all the practicalities (put the 'How to survive' -file from the old PhD forum online)

  3. Core group?
    • Since nothing works without responsible persons we should probably decide who want to be in charge of organizing meetings etc.
    • A: We decided that in each meeting we will choose a person responsible for sending around emails for the next meeting
      • This way we will spread the workload and hopefully keep the task of the 'responsible' person as a low level thing so that people don't feel that it takes too much of their time

  4. Next 'meeting'
    • Brainstorming event and beer afterwards, 4th of June