Meteorology Calendar Autumn 2023

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The Meteorology Group Lunch Meeting takes place on Thursday at 12:05 in U105 in the GFI cantina, where you can also join online in Zoom.

At the start of each meeting we will have an information exchange of 5-10 minutes to have updates on subjects such as recent and upcoming conferences or past weather events.

For the Autumn semester 2023 Mari Steinslid and Pirmin Ebner are in charge for organizing the seminar speakers. So please send them an email if you would like to present something.

For presentations please keep contributions between 15 and max. 25 minutes to leave enough time for discussion of the material. We will have maximum one long presentation per meeting and can accommodate an additional couple of shorter ones, which can be project presentations or other group related issues.

It is also possible to join on Zoom via

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Date Who Length Title Room
24-08-23 ... ... Semester Kick-Off U105
31-08-23 Henrik Auestad 25 min Latent heating feedback on jet stream variability Helland Hansen
07-09-23 Kjersti Konstali 20 min The wether wonders whether the weather will be wetter: exploring future precipitation changes from a weather perspective U105
14-09-23 Lara Remmer 20 min Large Eddy Simulations of Arctic boundary layers: ISOBAR and GABLS4 U105
21-09-23 Johannes Lutzmann 20 min Detecting Lifecycles of Atmospheric Fronts: Characteristics and Climatology U105
28-09-23 ... 20 min No MetLunch - CHESS annual meeting ...
05-10-23 ... 20 min No MetLunch ...
12-10-23 Marc Ebert 20 min Water Isotope Analysis in Southern Norway U105
19-10-23 ... 20 min No MetLunch - Bjerknes annual meeting ...
26-10-23 Sander Løklingholm 20 min iCESM pilot study of water isotope variability Helland-Hansen
02-11-23 Eigo Tochimoto 20 min Relationship between Cyclone Development and Background Low-level Jets in the Northwestern Pacific U105
09-11-23 Mauro Ghirardelli 20 min Development and Test of a Multi-rotor Based Measurement System Carrying a Sonic Anemometer U105
16-11-23 Harald Sodemann 20 min Bachelor thesis: A meteorological rocket Helland Hansen
23-11-23 Rhituja Bhorade 20 min Global climatology of Cold Air Outbreaks and their impact on air-sea heat fluxes in Nordic Seas U105
30-11-23 Di Wang & Shengjie Wang 40 min "What Controls the 3D Distribution of Atmospheric Vapor Isotopes in East Asia." & "What have we learned about stable water isotopes in precipitation of arid central Asia?" ...
07-12-23 Etienne Cheynet 20 min chatGPT with GPT-4: Four months of experiments ...
14-12-23 ... 20 min ... ...
21-12-23 Joachim Reuder 20 min ... ...
21-12-23 ... 20 min ... ...