Meteorology Calendar Spring 2017

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The Meteorology Group Lunch Meeting takes usually place on Thursday, starting 12:05 in the Helland Hansen meeting room on the third floor of the GFI main building.

At the start of each meeting we will have an information exchange of 5-10 minutes to have updates on subjects such as recent and upcoming conferences or past weather events.

For the Spring semester 2017 Omar El Guernaoui and Leonidas Tsopouridis are in charge for organizing the seminar speakers. So please send them an email if you would like to present something.

For presentations please keep contributions between 15 and max. 25 minutes to leave enough time for discussion of the material. We will have maximum one long presentation per meeting and can accommodate an additional couple of shorter ones, which can be project presentations or other group related issues.

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Date Who Length Title
12.01.17 Tim Woollings (University of Oxford) 30 min. Jet sensitivity analysis using an idealised dynamical core model
19.01.17 Clemens Spensberger ~30min Frontal Dynamics during the Landfall of the Nyttårsorkanen 1992
02.02.17 João Hackerott Turbulent fluxes observed during the experiment: Air-Sea Interaction at the Brazil-Malvinas Confluence 2014.
09.02.17 Shun-ichi Watanabe (AORI, University of Tokyo) 25 min Idealized numerical experiment for the shear line and the mesocyclone
16.02.17 Satoru Okajima (RCAST, University of Tokyo) 30min Assessing the importance of SST anomalies over the midlatitude North Pacific in forcing large-scale atmospheric anomalies
02.03.17 Ryusuke Masunaga (RCAST, University of Tokyo) 25min Mesoscale Imprints of the Kuroshio Extension and Oyashio Fronts on the

Wintertime Atmospheric Boundary Layer

16.03.17 Yuki Kanno (Tohoku University) 30 min. Isentropic analysis of cold air outbreaks in East Asia and North America
23.03.17 NO SEMINAR CHESS All Staff Meeting
30.03.17 C.Grams (ETH Zurich) 30min Weather discussion: last week's highlights and an outlook with focus on the Atlantic-European large-scale situation
06.04.17 Andrew Seidl 25 min TBA
04.05.17 Andrew Seidl 25 min Modular weather station testing: Improving weather information in East Africa
11.05.17 Alastair D. Jenkins 20 min Around the Atlantic
01.06.17 Denis Sergeev (University of East Anglia, Norwich) 20 min A polar low and how surface conditions can influence its development
08.06.17 Ruben Austefjord, Simen Norrheim Larsen, Eirik Vivelid Stokke 30 min Bachelor project: "A Do-it-Yourself weather station kit"
15.06.17 Iris Thurnherr (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) 20 min Air-sea-interaction from stable isotope measurements around Antarctica during ACE