Talk:Modelling class/workshop

From gfi

Brainstorming agenda and notes

  1. Opening up the session notes with bold
  2. When should this class be held? (10 min)
    • The suggestion from students was November-December (say before AGU fall meeting), is that too optimistic?
    • It was decided that January would be better
      • Anything outside the 13-15th would work. Best would be either 6th-10th or 19-23th of January 2014
  3. Topics of the class and time plan (20 min)
    • Should something be added or taken away?
    • Does the time plan seem reasonable? Is the order of things reasonable, is there too little time?
    • See the learning outcomes
  4. Lectures/lecturers (40 min)
    • We would suggest to have two sessions each day. Each sessions would have approximately 2 lectures and assigned organisers. They could then keep the lectures on their own or invite someone else to speak.
    • Sessions could be also workshop type: 1 lecture after which discussion about the topic based on the lecture and some previously assigned literature.
    • See the learning outcomes
      • The workshop type lecturing was supported
    • Assigning organisers/speakers
  5. Sensitivity studies (20 min)
    • Should be relatively easy to set up and run, but at the same time interesting enough
    • Suggestions include: different grids, time stepping (probably not possible), slab ocean vs full ocean, land-use etc.
    • Is this feasible?
    • It was decided that although most interesting for some, it should not be part of this class
      • There is a ResClim downscaling class planned for next summer (more hands-on)
  6. Wrapping up (15 min)
    • Does everyone know what to do to make this happen?
    • Suggestions or other ideas we should still consider?
    • Named people will contact outside lecturers
    • Students will have a short meeting together to see if the plan is suitable and to discuss the structure a bit
  7. Next meeting (5 min)
    • Probably one short meeting required with everyone involved before the class starts